Class Timetable

Practical Pilates Ltd offer beginners, mixed ability and intermediate mat classes in Mumbles, Killay, Sketty and at Quaker House, Swansea City Centre. We also offer back care and rehabilitation classes, 1-1 sessions and classes for men.

We hold morning, lunchtime and evenings sessions. Please check times and venues.

About Pilates

Practical Pilates develops classic mat based exercises into practical and functional everyday movements which can easily be incorporated into daily life.


A Pilates/Spa weekend is the perfect retreat to combine a relaxing break for your body and mind that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and energised.


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Our Classes 

We hold classes in Mumbles, Sketty, Swansea City Centre and Killay.  The Mumbles classes have a maximum of 15 clients and Killay, Sketty and City Centre has a maximum of 8 clients.

The specialised classes, ie Back Care have a maximum number of 6 clients.

We have mixed classes available.

Pilates class

The Class 

Pilates is an exercise technique that needs expert instruction. The breathing and muscle recruitment is quite specific. We pride ourselves on the quality of instruction and attention to detail in each class. This is what makes Practical Pilates different to the ‘Fitness Pilates’ offered by larger organizations. We pride ourselves on quality and excellent Instructor/client ratio.

We believe less is more! Our work is very much based on what the client needs. We therefore offer classical mat work classes Beginners to Intermediate. Specialised Postural Functional Pilates (working with client's posture type), Back Care, and personal 1-1 training. 

Each class will consist of four elements:

The Set Up which will demonstrate correct posture, breathing technique and centering.

The Warm Up This is usually a standing sequence to encourage connectiing the breath with movement  and balance.

The Rotation a series of exercises to strengthen, lengthen and tone your body whilst encouraging flexibility and mobility. This is usually down on the mat, lying, seated or on all 4's. Modifications are available for all positions.

The Cool Down to stretch out muscles and relax the mind.

We also offer classes using small equipment.The age group in our classes and 1-1 sessions ranges from 16 years to 90. Pilates is low impact and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

NB Always seek professional medical advice before undertaking a new exercise programme

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Meet the Trainers

Melanie has been specialising in Pilates in Swansea for the past fifteen years More...

colette leleuColette has been practising pilates for about 15 years and teaching for over 6 More...

Elfed's background prior to Pilates was Yoga which he has practised for 20 years, More...

Emma has practised Pilates under Melanie since she first started teaching More...

Helena is a Chartered Physiotherapist specializing in Paediatrics in Swansea. More...

John NicholsJohn is passionate about health & fitness and is a qualified Personal Trainer More...