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Practical Pilates Ltd offer beginners, mixed ability and intermediate mat classes in Mumbles, Killay, Sketty and at Quaker House, Swansea City Centre. We also offer back care and rehabilitation classes, 1-1 sessions and classes for men.

We hold morning, lunchtime and evenings sessions. Please check times and venues.

About Pilates

Practical Pilates develops classic mat based exercises into practical and functional everyday movements which can easily be incorporated into daily life.


A Pilates/Spa weekend is the perfect retreat to combine a relaxing break for your body and mind that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and energised.


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Why Practical Pilates?

PIlates is an exercise method that is designed to lengthen, mobilise and strengthen the body, concentrating on Alignment, Balance, Breathing, and Core Stability. After years of teaching and listening to clients’ comments and needs, Practical Pilates develops and teaches Mat Based Pilates to over 200  clients around Swansea. This amazing technique can be beneficial for all ages and fitness levels.

At Practical Pilates we ensure ongoing training to meet the constantly changing needs and demands of our clients, from athletes to those suffering with health issues. We also take care to ensure every client is placed in a class suitable for their needs, fitness levels and goals.

The benefits you can achieve through this unique and wonderful system of exercise are numerous. Strong core stability to help with everyday physical challenges, a supple body that breathes deeply and a mind/body connection that uplifts the spirit and can ease stress.

Practical Pilates is relevant for everybody from early teens to the over 60’s, sports enthusiasts to those who just want to stretch muscles and relax. Osteopaths, physiotherapists and  general practitioners are recommending Pilates to help recover from injury as it's low impact approach is safe for rehabilitation. Even if you feel fully fit and flexible, come and learn how to move everyday with ease and control.

“Designed to give you suppleness, grace and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, the way you play, and in the way you work” Joseph Pilates 

The Classes

The mat class  is an exercise technique that needs expert instruction. The breathing and muscle recruitment is quite specific that is why we keep the numbers in our classes small. In the Killay clinic we have a maximum of 8 students, ensuring superb attention to detail. The maximum number in our back care and rehabilitation classes is 6. This is what makes Practical Pilates different to the ‘Fitness Pilates’ offered by larger organizations. We believe less is more! Our work is very much based on what the client needs. We therefore offer classical mat work classes beginners to advanced. Specialised Postural Functional Pilates, Back Care , Rehabilitation and personal  1-1 sessions.

 We also offer classes using small equipment and a few of our classes are mixed. Men can do Pilates as well - it was designed by a man called Joseph Pilates!

Each class will consist of four elements: The Set Up which will demonstrate correct posture, breathing technique and centering, The Warm Up encouraging mobility and balance, The Rotation – a series of exercises to strengthen, lengthen and tone your body whilst encouraging flexibility and mobility, and finally The Cool Down to stretch out muscles and relax the mind.

We hold classes in Mumbles, Killay, Sketty Park. Please click on timetable for venues, days and  times.

Melanie also presents specialised Pilates workshops. We plan to hold workshops on the pelvic floor and also Healthy Hips and Back in the near future.


NB Always seek professional medical advice before undertaking a new exercise programme 

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What Our Clients Say

Pilates has made a huge improvement to my life – I don’t know where I would be without Melanie’s superb instruction ...

Pilates helped me before, during and after the op and I now use it for maintenance (and sanity!)...

Practical Pilates should have been my first rehab programme! My back and body feel like my own property again...

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